Suds N’ Duds Laundry Pick-up and Delivery Service is the brainchild of accomplished Special Education teacher Eddie Hubert. Throughout his years of teaching a variety of functional and self care skills to students with special needs, Eddie made sure to stress to his students the importance of looking presentable and having clean clothes at all times. He soon realized however that no one liked doing laundry (literally NO ONE) but it was something that his students had to learn the basics of. He began to break down the process of doing laundry into parts that his students were able to master and in no time his students were able to enjoy the chore of washing, drying, and folding clothes without error. Eddie thought long and hard about how he could go forward with his newfound passion and within no time the idea for Suds 'N' Duds Laundry Pick-up and Delivery Service was given to him. Eddie sets a very high standard for Suds N’ Duds and ensures that customers will receive efficient, effective, and quality service on every occasion. It is our mission to make life a  little bit easier for our clients by tackling one of the most dreaded household tasks; laundry!

Nothing gives us more satisfaction than knowing that we were able to make our customers' lives easier. Any and all feedback will be greatly appreciated!


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